Birthday Blooperfest

Looks better standing than it does seated.

I’m not doing a grateful-live post because someone else already did it-better. Also.

I took these pics on self-timer just before leaving the house for a birthday meetup with some friends. Carl was in the kitchen mixing us some drinks. All of a sudden he ran out, swooped me off my feet, kissed me and ran off again. I have photographic evidence documenting said incident (not up here because seeing my man’s perky bottom sheathed in black CKs is a privilege that has to be earned) that I will treasure forever.

 This is the shot after that one.


Mini-trench tester I sewed up for velosewer’s trenchathon-the only sewalong I entered last year because of its do what you want when you feel like it philosophy:

"There are no deadlines. Just trench coat techniques and pattern options."

Can ya tell the buttons are off?

I sewed it back in October 2012 and used the remainder of the quilting fabric from my 70s smock for the collar (I shouldn’t have-the lining goes so much better with the mustard fabric). It took a month to find buttons which took a month to get shipped (guess why I’m not linking the etsy seller) and another three weeks to arrive.

The buttonholes skewed every which way due to the diagonal twill weave on that shitty shitty poly-wool mix (it has maybe 2% wool in it and wrinkles just from being thought about. It’s in the cupboard wrinkling now).

The real thing’s already been cut out of in an off-white (almost taupe) melton wool and is under the bed patiently awaiting colder weather.

Art Deco speed lines.

I made the skirt out of an old Obi off ebay. I shouldn’t have. I really, really shouldn’t have. The fabric was ancient (from 1952 or some such madness) and and prone to skewage and fraying and had heaps of weak areas throughout. The night I wore it out, the side with the invisible zipper in it caught on something and tore right through.

Big mercies: it was dark outside, the lining of the skirt was black too, I was on my way home, got a lift from a friend.

Pattern: Marella mini-trench # 10, Patrones 264, mini-skirt 102, Burda 10/2011.

Fabric: Mustard poly-wool, quilting fabric and authentic 70s acid green and yellow lining (from the actual 70s) for the trench, Obi silk lined with black rayon for the mini-skirt.

Modifications: Shortened the trench by 1 cm at waist didn’t interface front or back collar.

Eliminated centre front seam and fly zipper from the mini-skirt. Added an invisible side seam zipper instead.

Didn’t hem the skirt because Obi fabric is narrow and the selvedge formed the perfect hem.

Misc: The shirt is a five year old ready to wear piece, tights from Zohara tights (not recommended-they got saggy after just 3 wears..).

Patterns usedMerche up there isn’t the only one with a hot bike mechanic, the guy that does my mine has a penchant for low waisted jeans and wearing his work-safe vests with nothing on underneath. Too bad I can only afford the one servicing a year.

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