February Giveaway, Simplicity Sewing Book Winner

I deported a rather large spider myself yesterday, without any help from Carl.

Not the first time either. Or the last.

The winner of the February Simplicity Book Giveaway is Jenny of Rennous oh Glennous. Please send me your address details so I can send you your win!

Speaking of Aussie awesomeness, the 26th of January was Australia day, and this happened.

At least it doesn't say lie back and think of England.

Best related comment: They better be Vegemite flavored and studded with the Southern Cross.

Actually I was hoping barbecue but that is not the case (apple and banana apparently). I was also hoping to buy a bunch to send to friends abroad but they’re all sold out in supermarkets so I Googled them and found this:

B*gan is Aussie for red-neck.

And just like that, my enthusiasm waned.

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