Google Reader is Dead*. Long live everything else.

I’m trialling Feedly at the moment.

The Feedly Interface

The Feedly interface. Clean and minimalist. To a point. Which is followed by ads.

The good

  • Sign in via Google and all your feeds auto-magically transfer to Feedly.
  • The Feedly iphone app (and presumably its counterpart for Android devices) syncs everything across all my devices so I can read my feeds whenever, wherever

The bad

  • I can’t seem to alphabetise my feeds at the moment
  • Feedly lacks a Chrome bookmarklet – I’d like to just click something in the dropdown bookmark bar in Chrome to subscribe when I come across a blog I want to follow
  • The *($%&%feckin ads-they’re only at the very top right of the feed and disappear as you scroll but heck ads just make me wanna kick punch the perpetrator in the head-I used paid versions for all my apps because I can’t stand any ‘buy this sh*t’ messages encroaching on my peaceful existance (and if it’s well made then it’s worth paying for)

No ads thanks.Keep scrolling and they disappear but that horrible advertisement aftertaste lingers..

I’ll be testing a couple of other web-based RSS aggregators over the coming week (in so much as Uni and social commitments will allow):

  • Google Currents-I don’t want to use this because I no longer feel Google deserves my time. Cutting off Reader while shitty things like Google plus and Orkut (don’t ask) still exist is just plain shite, I don’t care what their excuse is. I would’ve paid to keep using Reader, too bad that option was never on the table. However, I value functionality (and design) above all so if this works I’m ready to be pragmatic and eat a little crow.
  • Pulse: looks beautiful but I don’t know if I’m ready for magazine format yet. I subscribe to a lot of very different feeds and having all those disparate images crowded together magazine-style will just give me the heebiejeebies. I’m also worried it’ll be a b*tch to use on mobile devices (download allowance-wise).
  • Newsblur: Looks like the most promising of the non-Feedly set. $1 for the full version and it if works well I will jump on it ($12 a year for pain-free blog reading seems  well worth the cost).
  • Flipboard: That dreaded magazine format again, combined with ‘social’ extras (I have a blog and I’m on twitter. I don’t need any more social interaction, particularly during reading time-I wanna read my stories in peace goddammit).
  • Netvibes: The website looks a tad too ‘oriented to attract business users‘-the cost for the ‘full deal’ supports that hypothesis. Givin’ this one a miss.

If you’re trying out any of these or know of other acceptable alternatives (yes I know bloglovin’ exists I’m just not a fan of the interface), give me a holler.

EDIT: Digg is building a Reader replacement. Please request feature requests and suggestions in the comments to that article or tweet them @digg.

And now for some light relief (video of some old movie of Hitler getting pissed off at getting his @$$ kicked by the Allied Forces with the Reader fiasco parodied over it-avoid if this sort of thing pisses you off. Or if you’re at work. I loved the two crying ladies. “Don’t worry he can still export the feed as an XML file“).

*As of July 2013.

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