Pattern Pyramid le nth

I’m coming down with the flu so I’ll keep this short (my sewing machine’s out of the running as well, so at least I don’t feel like I’m wasting sewing time by being sick harhar).

Won this Pattern Pyramid parcel off the Curious kiwi blog (the rules are in that post-read ’em) kept the Patrones (8 patterns to trace+flu=I’m not gonna get this traced before the giveaway ends) replaced it with two knit patterns and it’s bagged, tagged and ready to be swagged by the next recipient.

Pattern Pyramid burdastyle special

All patterns are multi-sized except for the McCall’s 8269 (I’ve enlarged size numbers on some of the patterns for clarity). I’ve made a modified version of the Jalie 2682 here. There’s also a print-out of the paperbag dress in size 36. Ladies, why are we blowing postage on a single-size print-out of a free pattern that anyone can download and print for themselves? I ask because the thing is heavy, thick, unwieldy and in its absence I could’ve fit a Patrones/ Burda in the envelope instead of the two knit patterns I added.

Seriously, does anyone actually want this thing? It’s a sh*tload of unnecessary (and totally avoidable) cost in international postage. EDIT: I chucked the print-out and added a burdastyle special.

Right, on to the details: anyone, anywhere with a blog can enter. Tell me where you are, what the weather there’s like, which of these you want and (optional) whether the paperbag dress print-out should join its paper bag friends in my recycling bin.

Giveaway ends Sunday 7 April, 2013. On a totally separate note Groupon Melbourne has a boylesque deal that looks like hilariously cheesy awesomeness (the description says classy and vintage, click on ‘already registered’ if the annoying popup pops up). Drop me a line if you’d like to join me for a good laugh (otherwise it’s just going to be me and a bunch of gay guys-still hilarious but neither vintage nor classy).

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