Consensus: Burdastyle Special added to Pattern Pyramid

All comments point to binning (the print-out pattern from the Pattern Pyramid set) which means I can now fit a Burdastyle in there instead of the two knit patterns I’d added earlier. Which means should you decide to enter, you now have 18 more patterns* to choose from instead of just two.

Here’s a selection of my favourites (scroll for pattern summary/line diagrams):

burdastyle special.002The car coat is just luxe. The empire waist dress is similar to burdastyle’s Danielle (but way more elegant) so you should be able to make all sorts of variations out of it.

burdastyle special No.2 2012I’m not big on fur** but they’ve dialed down the trash setting with this version; also the pattern’s pretty simple and sweet and could easily be used for heavy boucle or something more furniture-y if that’s your thing.

burdastyle Special No. 02 2012Right: Claire Underwood eff yea

Independent, modern, minimalist, high achiever. I’ll take that over vintage-airhead any day. I could sing Claire’s praises here but it’s already been done. And yes. I have traced off that blouse.

Jump on it.

* I don’t count ‘variations’ as patterns. The size range is between 34-48 or 34-50 for most of the patterns.

**I have no issues with the humane killing of introduced pests for ‘eco-fur’ i.e. rabbits in Australia and Australian possums in New Zealand.

Line diagrams 02/2012

Disclaimer: All images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for the purposes of illustration, discussion and review.

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