Night Out

Jenny, Emily and I have decided to conduct our Cookie-fest meet up on a monthly basis and work our way through their menu.

In the spirit of extending the socialising awesomeness to anyone else that sews and likes wining and dining (non-bloggers and sewing newbies totally welcome)  I’d like to propose a monthly get together over food and wine (or coffee and cake or some awe-tastic combination of all of the above) where we hang out as a group and socialise (swaps and trades welcome for fabric, notions, patterns and tools).

All you have to do is show up (hopefully with a smile) dressed up (high-end jeans are fine* by me. I don’t care if it’s something you’ve made or re-fashioned or altered or bought).

Night Out

-or killed. Haha.

In the interests of making it easy on everyone (transport-wise) the event will be held at one (or more) of the fine establishments in the city-off the top of my head: Cookie/ The Toff, Gin Palace, The Seamstress (oh yes), or for a small gathering Blue Chillies probably on a Friday or Saturday night.

Night Out

Sadly, that is not an iron.

I will put together a list of interested parties and send you a calender invite + reminder. Car pooling should be doable.

If you’d like a warm up to test the waters, the three of us will be attending the Hollywood Costume exhibit at ACMI next Sunday-send me a note and I’ll let you know where and when you can meet us (either for the exhibit or for lunch/tea after or both).

Night Out Next day

Can’t promise it’ll end this way but I will try almost anything once.

Expressions of interest below – *please* use a gmail address if you have one, invites are via Calendar which does not play well with other email types (if you’re reading this in Feedly, click on ‘Preview’ or on the title of this post):

*You spend $800 on a pair of jeans you better be wearin’ ‘em to someone’s wedding is all I’m sayin’.

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