The Bra Sewing Survey

I’ve been playing with a couple of commercially available bra sewing patterns. Needless to say I’m unsatisfied with the fit, instructions (or lack thereof) and sizing. So I’ve decided to jump on the drafted bandwagon.

Which brings me to:

The Bra Sewing Survey

I’m collecting data from women interested in bra sewing concerning the following:

  • The size range required
  • The best style to start with
  • General expectations on what constitutes a good bra pattern

Enid Gilchrist 50s pattern drafting book

I’m aware that this is a big ask in terms of time and effort (I need eight measurements in cm taken with a non-stretchable measuring tape) and I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone that completes this survey, with a copy of Basic Fashions for Women and Teenagers by Enid Gilchrist.

This is a vintage (1950s) pattern drafting book with illustrated instructions for making mid-century style skirts, blouses, dresses, suits, coats and accessories.

I’ve featured Enid’s work in one my Friday Freebies here and sewn up one of her styles here.

50s dress styles mid-century

Includes petite-size drafting-because Enid=awesome.

50s skirts styles

But wait, there’s more.

50s nightie patternMake your own Frothy Mess©. Or not. L to R- Enid style vs MadMen Style (there is a Betty-style pattern included)..

Woman in a nightie holding a vaguely phallic object pointing at her face. I wonder if this was the height of ‘sex in advertising’ back in the day. Edit: No. It wasn’t.

Bra-sewing survey here.The Bra Measurement Survey

If you’d like to be a pattern tester for the beta version of the pattern, please leave a comment saying so. If you know anyone interested in bra sewing please share this post with them.

Disclaimer: All non-self generated images under active copyright remain property of their owners and are used here for purposes of discussion and review.
The copyright for the book, ‘Basic Fashions for Women and Teenagers by Enid Gilchrist’ (previously owned by New Idea, Australia) has expired, putting the book in the common domain.
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