Pocket full of posies: Victory Patterns’ Lola at the Dior/Yamamoto Meetup

‘Cuz you need flow-ahs for the ladies. Moi, Raquel and Melanie outside the NGV International St. Kilda.

Moi, Raquel, and Melanie of Seamstress Poppykettle

1 in 3 Melbourne denizens is wind-proof. The guy we roped into taking photos wasn’t.

We visited the Dior/Yamamoto exhibit and had lunch at Cookie. Meaningful adult conversation with intelligent ladies that are into the same things as you: priceless. Also, we all own the Feb 2013 issue of Burdastyle now.

A knit fabric dress with handpainted flowers

This pattern is an awesome canvas for all sorts of artwork (and I don’t do beige). I doodled the berries for a bit before realising all the other plants were pretty realistic and adding the twigs and leaves to the berries ‘anchor’ them.

A knit fabric dress with handpainted flowers

Everyone should go buy this pattern right now. Seriously, do it, I’ll wait. It flatters every curve just the right way and the pockets are great for hand-warming purposes (but drop a phone in there and you’ll be hiring someone to fish it out).

I want to make at least 3 more of these. And decorate them.

Victory Patterns Lola

I printed the pattern in large format at the Ivanhoe Copy Centre (because sewing time is for sewing, not for gluing shitty A4s together. Also, because it’s cheap and Ben is both efficient and professional*.) I think it cost me A$6 to print this multi-sized but I did it over a year ago so I’m not sure (it sat under the bed cut out and ready to sew for a year because summer + procrastination = other people’s makes have to remind you to get your sh*t together).

Pattern: Lola by Victory Patterns (Kristiann, if you’re reading this please, please release more knit patterns. I’m a modern woman and I get around on a scooter-kaftans and woven fabric dresses are not for me).

Fabric: Super light heathered knit with a netted inner (not sweatshirting, hence the unfortunate highlighting of past excesses.. XD).

Modifications: Shortened the pattern by 2 cm at waist and 4 cm above the hem.

Made a centre back seam to work around the giant hole in the centre of the remnant fabric I was using.

Sketched a bunch of plants on the side panels using Pebeo Seta Skrib markers and Tsukineko Fabrico markers (no fabric paint, wood block stamps or stencils this time).

Big ups to Kristiann for graciously providing a large format version of this pattern in lieu of the tiled one and for being such an awesome pattern drafter and all round cool lady (evidenced here, here, here and here).

Cotton tights by Marilyn.

*I haven’t been paid to recommend Ben-I really appreciate the service and efficiency (and not having to waste sewing time piecing patterns together). BTW he also has a large format scanner you can scan burda pattern sheets on. I’m not saying you should, mind. I’m just saying, hypothetically speaking, it is technically possible for you to digitise all your sewing magazines and dump the deadwood on evilbay.

Disclaimer: All non-self generated images remain copyright of their owners and are used here for purposes of discussion and review.

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75 thoughts on “Pocket full of posies: Victory Patterns’ Lola at the Dior/Yamamoto Meetup

  1. Ooooooo- very, very cool! I have had my eye on this pattern for a while, and this version may push me over the edge! I do have a bunch of organic sweatshirt fabric lurking at the bottom of my stash pile after all :) I absolutely love the artwork you added!!

  2. I love this dress on you! I’m sick of knits but this dress looks amazing. I love your sketching on the dress – it really makes the dress. I bet this pattern would be good for colour blocking too. I will buy this pattern right away!

  3. This outfit post just made me want to buy rust orange tights. I. Must. Get. Orange. Tights.

    The dress is really cute and I love the flowers you drew on it. :)

  4. That came out pretty amazing, and I’m particularly obsessed with the designs you drew on there. Clearly I need to get some fabric pens. Did you size down or use the recommended size? This design looked somewhat baggy on the model, but it looks more form fitting here. I’m inclined to make this dress now.

    • Thanks Hannah-I used the size I’d cut out approximately 6 months ago (which was my size at the time but I’ve lost a lot of muscle since the-i.e. I’m a kilo heavier but it’s lard instead of muscle XP). Having said that-the sleeves are pretty fitted- and my bicep circumference hasn’t really changed (if anything there’s less definition..) so I’m guessing it is meant to be a pretty narrow fit.
      Also, the fabric I used is pretty lightweight abd soft so I reckon real sweatshirting would drape slightly differently..although I’m not sure exactly how-i.e. would it hang down more due to the weight?)
      I remember someone else saying Victory patterns sleeves were too narrow but that person also added that they normally need a bicep adjustment. I’d lay the sleeve over a preexisting well-fitting raglan pattern piece-or a sloper to check that before cutting out. When I make this again I plan to widen the sleeve by approximately 1 cm. Haven’t decided between slash and pivot or just cutting the whole thing open lengthwise. It will widen the neckline but I reckon I can handle that.. XD

  5. I love this dress, as you say, perfect for a modern woman. I think I may become obsessed over this pattern, it really is perfect. Love your greenery addition, really a lovely detail!

    It looks so comfortable and fits you perfectly! Great inspiration, thank you.

  6. This is wonderful! I love your flowers, the colors all go together so well. I’m so excited about this pattern, but I missed the season for it last year and it’s just sitting there until fall comes (up here…)

  7. What a pretty dress. It is also very functional, and looks comfortable, I would have never give this pattern a second thought but your version is so inspiring, I feel tempted to give it a go!

  8. Love the dress and berries and flowers! I am openly jealous of people who can draw: with just little touches you transformed this plain fabric into one adorable and unique design. Modern seamstresses definitely need more knit patterns!

  9. You’re so inspirational! The dress turned out awesome, indeed. I’ve been wanting to paint my handmade clothes, but didn’t know even how to start. I wish I’ll find the way and can make a garment with my own paintings too… BTW I love the first photograph, beautiful smiles!

  10. Your flowers are beautiful, the dress is beautiful, you look beautiful! I was sorry to miss this meetup, missing hanging out with you, missing sewing! I’m catching up on your posts now at work. Cracked up over you email responses ;o)
    See ya pretty soon hopefully, school lets out for three weeks week after next! Not a moment too soon.

  11. fantastic finished item. The website model for that pattern makes this dress look extremely underwheming, but really love your version (and also Liesel’s orange version)

  12. I’ve been admiring this pattern for a while. Your version is so unique with the flowers. I love the way you’ve done them – very artistic and well placed. Wow!

  13. I know they say ‘thou shalt not covet’ and all that, but…. I want!!! You are indisputably the queen of embellishment :) Pocket flowers are genius, and seasonal to boot!

    The Lola pattern is always a bit of a surprise- it’s not one that jumps out at me but whenever I see it made up it always looks so cute & easy to wear. Maybe one day….

    How was the exhibition, by the way?

  14. You know I haven’t really taken a good look at this pattern until now. You have really brought it to life! I love your whole outfit, especially with those tights. Cannot believe you did all that artwork. Very inspiring!

  15. This is soooo cute! I’ve wanted to make this for a while too – looks like the perfect comfy hanging out dress. And your drawings on it take it to next level awesome.

  16. Woah woah woah! This is gorgeous, Lady! I would never have thought to add that kind of embellishment to Lola, but it works perfectly. You’ve made me so happy to see such a personalized touch on this dress. Thanks so much for sharing it with me!!!

  17. The seams on this pattern are great, and I think your version showcases them really well. Also: the painted flowers are gorgeous :D

  18. What a great dress !! Just beautiful and your embellishments … amazing :-)
    I would not trust myself to paint the finished dress, because I was afraid that something goes wrong …

  19. You are an arty soul, the painting work is brilliant and really brings your version of this pattern to life without taking anything away from the really nice seamlines.

  20. This is so great, I would never have thought to draw on one like that. It looks amazing. (I would probably need to get someoneelse to draw on it to get anything close). I totally second you on wanting more knit patterns from Kristiann. I love my lola, and find myself making more and more knit things as this is what I wear. More cool and funky victory ones would be great.

  21. A fabulous pattern made even more fabulous with those fabulous floral designs. Like many other commenters before me… I hadn’t thought much about this pattern. Seeing it made up (and in real life) changed all that! It looks so… cosy! Thanks once again for organising the afternoon. I had a blast :)

  22. So amazing! love the florals :-) Wasn’t even interested in acquiring this pattern until I saw this! winner, thanks for sharing…

  23. I made this about two weeks ago. At the time I felt maybe the proportions were wrong on me and that I made it too large. Now I see I was right; it should look like yours. Yours looks exactly just right for you. Mine was a tryout for which I used some stash ponte. I’m going to make my real version as fab as yours (almost).

    I’m glad you posted this. It’s brill!

  24. Wow, I love the shape of this dress. I’ve got a simpler version (ok much simpler) in an Ottobre magazine. Might give it a go this autumn for all the reasons of comfort and practicality you mention. Although to be fair I think without the seaming and your beautiful detailing it might not be as figure flattering.(Am currently on pattern purchasing fast due to overindulgence!)

  25. Very cute! I love your version without the v-front detail. I have never tried Victory patterns but will get this pattern based on your review. I have a sweatshirt fabric in the stash that will be great with this.

  26. Wow, the flowers on there are incredible. I loved how you made them look like they’re growing from the pockets. Totally makes this dress extra special. I love this pattern but this makes me love it even more!

  27. Now that’s the gorgeous type of vision I had in my head when I bought that pattern – love the way you’ve added your own touch. Back to the drawing board for me.

  28. very very very cute !!! it’s a pleasure to have a look on your blog :)
    and the lovely green jacket in the first photo is homemade too ?

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