Geometric: McCall’s 5926

M5926 front view

Panda-eyes from too much over-enthusiastic late night coding.

Yep I sewed up something from one of the big four. Accidents happen. All cool as long as you don’t make a habit out of it. In my defence I cut this out over two years ago and sewed it up a year ago (I don’t like leaving things unfinished and the fabric was a gift from Carl).

The front darts integrate the pockets

Modified French darts integrating pockets. Good reason to use a busy print.

The pattern incorporates the usual baggy/oversized ease bad-drafting/vanity-sizing that is the hallmark of all McCall’s patterns (the envelope says I should cut a size 10-the size I’m wearing is a 6). Happily the front is ruched/gathered so if it’s too big on you just keep gathering it till it fits. Worked for me.

McCalls 5926 back view

Spring looks to be on its way. Which means the light should get a little better in the outfit shots..

I’ve gotten a fair bit of use out of this. I wear my Ottobre silk shorts under it for scootering around (and preventing tights/fabric interactions).

McCalls 5926

Rotating the collar allows you to omit the turtleneck of modesty.

Pattern: McCall’s 5926 (out of print)

Fabric: 100% cotton that Carl brought back from Japan (I don’t think it’s garment-weight but it’s definitely thinner and nicer than quilting weight).

Modifications: If you want to see this made up in all its unmodified glory go check out Leith’s version (post links through to her featured post on the Tessutti blog).

  • Shortened 2 cm at the waist
  • Chopped off 8 cm at the hem (the original pattern is a badly drafted tulip shape that essentially hobbles your stride completely)
  • Rotated the collar piece so the drape is spread out evenly instead of slopping over the front
  • Hemmed with a narrow hem presser foot.

Geometric tights: Ravena by Fiore (not the usual microfibre they’re famous for. Go two sizes up from your usual size-especially if you are tall).

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