Blogger’s Meetup:Outfit Posts

Thewallina recently suggested some sort of blogger’s meetup for the express purpose of taking ‘outfit shots’ (and to forego the effort/embarrassment/safety hassles of taking an expensive tripod/camera/autoflash to a ‘public’ place for posing).

This is an awesome idea. So I’d like to organise one on a monthly basis.


It’ll have to be a place with:

  • interesting scenery/backdrops
  • changing rooms/clean washrooms with room enough to change in
  • lockers/coat check where we can leave all our stuff during the photoshoot (this means bringing in more than one outfit+multiple changes=taking shots of everything you need to blog about)
  • proper light and enough room to back the #### up for proper framing
  • great food+drinks nearby to sustain us through the photography sessions


A couple of places that tick every box are: The NGV (both of ’em), ACMI, the Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building. For example: I could call up Industria to let us shoot there for an hour or so and then we could head to Arcadia for lunch and then on to a (free) tour of the Royal Exhibition building and more shots in the gardens. Lots of backdrops, a bit of socialising + food around the city.

Carl: The coat check guys are gonna hate you. XD

Me: It’s their job. They love it.

Alternatively, there’s a park and reserve near my place and the Uni gardens are nearby so we could totally do that if you’re willing to make the pilgrimage to the suburbs (not a complete waste as Darn Cheap Fabrics and The Cloth Shop are also doable. In fact, DCF has a park nearby).

Sign up to dropbox and the files can get transferred while we lunch.

What do you guys think? This is something I can set up once a month on an ongoing basis if you’re into it. Yes, you can come along if you’d like photos (of yourself) for Flickr/Twitter etc.


Now all we gotta do is bring Thewallina to Melbourne to partake. That, I’m still working on.

Images 1, 2 and 3 by Öykü Öge. Featured image by Ormond Gigli. Click on the images to visit the artists’ pages. Images used for illustration and discussion under an ‘Attribution no Derivatives’ license and remain copyright of their original owners.

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