Scott & Bailey


Left: Perfect outfit on the blonde (Janet Scott). Modern, minimalist, grown up.

I got to bed at 3:50AM last night this morning after watching the series three finale of Scott and Bailey. British show, lady coppers, excellent wardrobe, good bit of eye candy for everyone. And unlike Luther (where I have to fast forward through all the creepy gory bits all the time) they omit the gore and get straight to the point: solving the case, being professional and having lives outside of work. Fair bit of humour too. Much of it provided by the lovable local idiot, Kevin, the rest pretty dry and involving the day to day interactions of syndicate police officers.


I love Janet Scott’s wardrobe (for the most part).  The blouse at bottom left is too over the top for me (clovers and ruffles, what is this, Allanah Hill?) but for the most part it seems to be styled (well) by the burda style photo shoot stylist. All three seasons are peppered with a plethora of white shirts in various styles and silhouettes. Nothing here not to love.

Scott and Bailey

All boxes ticked.

Every episode passes the Bechdel test (in spades) and the drama outside of crime solving, such as it is, is of the mature adult variety (by which I mean grown up, not inappropriate).

Characters of both sexes are fairly realistically fleshed-out with a healthy dose of nuanced greys (except Kevin. Kevin’s pretty uniformly monochrome because every show needs a lovable idiot).

I recommend it highly and am already experiencing extreme withdrawal following my weekend binge. Methinks a Scott and Bailey marathon-meetup might be in order (I’ll bring the projector).

And while we’re on the subject of things I like, have a listen to Wise up Ghost by Elvis Costello and the Roots. If you’re in Australia I suggest buying it off the Google play store rather than iTunes (unless you like paying the ‘Australia tax‘*)-you can get it immediately instead of having to pre-order and wait for the ‘release day’.

*Yea the Australian government is aware of this and they don’t like it any more than the rest of us (why should a digital download cost more here? It’s not like it’s being shipped here).

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