Kristiann’s Big Day Out: Melbourne Meetup November 24, 2013

Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns

Kristiann’s coming to Australia.

Give that a moment to sink in. Kristiann of Victory Patterns is coming to Oz.

So Maria and I thought we’d show her a good time Melbourne-style. Which involves dressing up and galavanting around town oogling exquisite artwork and browsing for patterns and fabric fuelled by nothing but the finest coffee, chocolate and modern cuisine.

Melbourne Australia

The National Gallery, the Melbourne Museum, The Fabric Store, Cleggs and Magnation are some of the stops on our itinerary. Lunch and dinner will be had in the city and we’ll head out for drinks after if people are up for it.

Everything will be public-transport-based (we’re sticking  to the city centre) so you don’t have to worry about parking/designated driving.

It’s gonna be a big day so start saving, sewing, working out, meditating and doing whatever it is you need to prepare yourself for this most extraordinary of adventures.

If you’re attending both meetups (the Modern Love Bendigo Meetup is the day before) you’re welcome to crash at my place overnight.

You do not need a blog to attend. Sign up here by the 15th of October, 2013. Registrations closed. Thank you for your interest. Watch this space for updates.

Previous meetups recapped here.

All images remain copyright of their respective owners. Featured image by Kristiann, cityscape used under commons attribution license off flickr.

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