To all the awesome people that filled the meetup forms-you rock. Thank you. I can’t wait to meet you in person and have exceptionally interesting adventures with you.


To all the anonymous weirdos that entered random sh*t (especially the creature that submitted the same form thrice under different initials):

fuckMy delete-button thanks you from the bottom of its little plastic heart for all the exercise it’s gotten this week.

For anyone that’s thinking of signing up for either meetup, I need your name (not your initials) and your email. I’m not sure why this needs to be explained but:

  • If I don’t have your email I can’t contact you about the meetup. And your ‘entry’ gets deleted.
  • I don’t interact with anonymous online weirdos. Especially not in real life. (BTW, you know you’re never actually anonymous on the the internet right? It records things like IP and location every time you fill a form. Yup, even those forms for commenting on other people’s blog posts =D I.e. blogger, disqus, wordpress and all the other commenting platforms. Even redditors can be traced if someone really wants to find them. I’m sorry if I’ve popped your imaginary privacy bubble).


If you’re signing up for the Bendigo meetup, you can either meet us in Melbourne and get to the gallery with us OR you get to the gallery by yourself and meet us there. But you can’t do both (because you’re a person not a quantum particle).

Webcomic from xkcd. Cat gifs, unattributed, from this excellent tumblr on sweet, sweet couples romancing (mostly hetero, sorry). Possibly NSFW due to the presence of the odd kissing/making out gif and/or bare skin. Depends on where you work really..

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