Social Sessions. Make it so.

Social Sessions

Social Sessions will initiate in two weeks time. And continue for as long as there are takers. I aim to organise these on a fortnightly basis.

This is not a sewing thing it’s a hang out with cool people and widen your social circle while having fun thing. You can bring your partner, work friends, interesting people you meet at Uni/gym/activities-essentially anyone that you’d like to spend more time with.

Star Trek the Next Generation

You can even invite that cute guy/gal/other that you’ve been dying to ask out (but flubbed ‘cuz ‘date‘ is such a formal word). This is your chance to hang out with them in an informal setting and not have to worry about being at some restaurant trying to eat without getting anything stuck in your teeth and struggling to think of awesome things to impress them with.

The DauphinSo where’s this thing we’re going to in two weeks time?

Where: Joe’s Shoe Store.Joe's Shoe Store


  • it’s accessible by tram, train and bus so you don’t have to worry about driving there/home
  • you can get awesome pizzas delivered from Pizza Miene Lieber next door (and eat them at Joe’s), they have Gluten-Free options or you can visit any of the other awesome eateries in the area
  • the drinks are pretty durn good (they do cocktails and good whiskeys)
  • the atmosphere is relaxed and the crowd is friendly
  • they have an awesome toilet (that is always clean and never out of TP)

Outdoor eating area

When: Friday evenings, 6:00 PM onwards (you’re free to show up earlier/later with your friends, or with a book if you prefer).

The next 2 sessions are:

  • 25th October, 2013
  • 15th November, 2013

It’s a good way to relax, unwind and start the weekend-so put it in your reminder app/calender now. The weather’s warming up nicely and it’s time to get out there and meet some cool people already!

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