Day 1 of Jenny’s weekend sleepover.

Kurai_Muki_knit 2

It started out all professional-like.

Kurai Muki Lalala Lockstitch 2 Pullover A4 sewing pattern

Then devolved into a gummi bear* fuelled giggle-fest.

Kurai Muki Lalala Lockstitch 2 Pullover A4 sewing pattern

Numerous bears tragically deliciously lost their heads (and other body parts).

Kurai_Muki_knit 1 (1)

Much hilarity ensued.

Kurai_Muki_knit 10

Then I scraped the duck poop off my shoes and we went home.


The day ended with wine (this one and this one-yes it’s a very pretty label and very sewing-relevant), Indian takeaway and the Thomas Crowne Affair (enjoyable in a predictable way) followed by House of Cards Season 1.

Oh yea. 

Kurai Muki Lalala Lockstitch2 A4 pullover

Pattern: Kurai Muki’s Lalala Lockstitch 2-Pullover A4

Fabric: Soft wool knit in a very strange weave.

Modifications: None. And it fits fine. Which means it’s sized for midgets. Normals beware.

The sleeve cuffs are very long on me. Great for keeping my paws warm, but definitely not the length shown in the pattern image above.

Red Jacket here.

Thanks Jen, for the photos, the gummis, and the awesome company.

*Haribo for life.


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16 thoughts on “White

  1. Y’all are adorable. Is your collar off-center, and the pattern shown centered? I really like yours! I have a couple shirts with collars that overlap like that (you can see it at the end of this post). It’s simple, but interesting, so it fits in well with the rest of your makes!

    Also I love[d] gummy bears, but now I don’t eat gelatin and the only vegetarian gummies are the organic Sunni bears at Whole Foods (US talk), which are good but NOT THE SAME. Have you seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Gumi bears! Always nostalgic LOLs.

    • Thank you! Omgee how did I miss this? I’ve been away too long! X)
      I’m pretty sure both are off-centre but can’t remember anymore ^^
      Yes, I’ve seen Hedwig, it was years ago and it was pretty full on but fun. Yea, vegan gummies aren’t the most exciting. Some of the Japanese ‘seaweed’ based ones (kelp agar) can be pretty nice. You can get them in Asian grocery stores.

  2. I approve. Of the whole thing. I believe that the only way to eat gummy bears is the obscene way. I like the pullover too but we’re in the middle of the tepid fortnight that passes for Summer here in the UK so I cannot think sleeves. Is it pure white or cream/ ivory? Either way you can pull it off.

  3. Have not heard of that pattern company before, love the top tho. Alas I am not a midget, but not normal either. When will the non-normal’s be represented!

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