About moi

Thinking of sewing, illustration and design.

I’m only serious when-umm.. I’ll tell you when it happens.

I like sewing, pattern drafting and pattern manipulation (there is an ocean between the land of like and the planet of am good atstar whales gambol in this ocean).

I collect (which is not equal to hoard) sewing magazines, books and fabric (envelope patterns, less so). I am also interested in illustration and graphic design. I may have a thing for sci-fi and fantasy (I’ve never been officially diagnosed so I can’t say). Sometimes I sew. These are the times I also swear.

I am a molecular biologist specialising in fungal cell biology and plant and fungal functional genomics (that’s fancy talk for the parts of plants and fungi that you can see under a microscope and the parts that are too small to see under a microscope).

I live in Melbourne, Australia and I love dressmaking. See you when I see you.

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