Social Sessions: Wind down for the weekend, grab a drink, relax and meet interesting people. This will be an ongoing meetup convening every two weeks-bring a friend or two.

Melbourne Central Dome

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Successfully Concluded Meetups Below<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Kristiann’s Big Day Out: Melbourne 24 November, 2013. Victory Patterns’ Kristiann Boos will be in Melbourne and Maria and I will be showing her some of the art galleries, museums, cafes, fabric stores and watering holes around the city. Blog not necessary. Just get dressed up and show up (on time, with a smile =). Recap here and on the Victory Patterns Blog.

MODERN LOVE, Fashion Visionaries from the FIDM Museum LA: Bendigo Art Gallery 23 November, 2013. Couture and designer clothing and accessories from the FIDM Museum’s extensive collection. Recap here.

Dior/Yamamoto at the NGV International: Melbourne. Recap here.

Hollywood Costume Meetup at the ACMI: Melbourne 12 May, 2013. Mini-recap here.

La Terre Sucree High Tea at the NGV International followed by dinner & drinks at Cookie: 17 March 2013, Melbourne. Mini-recap here.

Melbourne Sewist’s Meetup organised by Rachel.

Disclaimer: Image used under attribution non-commercial creative commons license off flickr.