Modern Love: A Preview. Part deux. Thanks @BgoArtGallery and @FIDMMuseum

Modern Love: A Preview. Thank you @BgoArtGallery and @FIDMMuseum

Knip-tastic: Refashioned Denim Mini-Skirt

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3What my hair looks like after 20 minutes in a motorcycle helmet. Denim from an old pair of men’s jeans. Belt carriers, original.

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3After 20 minutes on the scooter. I should’ve left the pockets off but they’re functional and I like that.

This next one’s gonna be a bit of a shocker.

When the necklines’ so low you need to string a dead animal around your neck to appear ‘decent’ in public.

When the only images of the garment are on a dummy, or worse, on an invisible dummy.

When leaning forward is no longer a socially acceptable option.

Accept that the finished garment will PG-13 on regular humans.

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3No I can’t iron it. The iron does bad things to it even on a low setting. Also, I know I look like a debt collector. From the Sopranos

I love this pattern and I really love the mesh-backed sports knit that calicostretch sent me way back in September, 2012 (I made this months ago but it’s been way to warm to wear it.) but I definitely need to do something about that neckline before I make the dress version. I’ve used the top for yoga and silks practice with Emily.

Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3The contrast pockets looked cute when I sewed them in but they’re totally useless for co-ordinating the skirt with anything in a useful manner. But this has already been discussed in detail.

Previously on denim jeans refashioning.

Top Pattern: Knipmode September 2012 Top/Dress 27/28 (I’ve made the top but the dress version is pretty much straight down from the hem on the top-i.e. no tapering from the hips on down).

Fabric: Sports knit from

Modifications: Shortened it at the waist.

Skirt Pattern:Knipmode February 2009, Skirt 3

Fabric: Denim harvested from Carl’s old jeans (I used the original belt loops as is), Robert Kaufman Kitschy Kitchen remnant for the pockets, hammered hot pink silk lining (it’s silk, it’s invisible, ’nuff said), cotton remnant for inner waistband.

Modifications: None. Though I’ll shorten it next time because the tapered hem interferes with my stride and my ability to get off my scooter and park it while simultaneously defying gravity.

Knipmode 02/2009 and 08/2012 denim miniskirt and pleated topGreige. I feel cheated. As if I’d been tricked into reading a ‘women’s interest‘ rag. Carl tricked me into reading the Daily Maul yesterday. This feels worse-possibly due to the fact that it works in both English and Dutch. My spirit rebels.

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Wrap-Front Playsuit: Patrones 315, romper 31

PlaysuitNot a huge amount to say here. Love this playsuit. I’ve incorporated popper buttons (press studs? Snaps!) along the seam that runs from the inner left hem to the inner right hem. So it’s all cool. I’ve only worn it out once though. Over a bikini. So in that sense it is a bit of a blooper.

PlaysuitI won’t shorten it as much next time. Probably a good idea to modify the wrap front wrap drape as well. The actual garment has two little open-ended tucks at the shoulders that the pattern and the line diagram are missing.

PlaysuitI made the illustrations using Pebeo seta scrib markers. Similar to what I did here (but done months earlier. I made this romper and then winter arrived so there really hasn’t been an opportunity to wear it). Tutorial here.

Patrones 315 jumpsuit 31

Pattern: Patrones 315,  Playsuit 31

Fabric: Outer-some sort of poly-cotton nightmare that wrinkles like crazy but has a really cute embossed net pattern on it. Lining-cotton voile.


  • Shortened the top by 2cm (although 1.75 cm would have sufficed).
  • Cut the sleeves with selvedge ‘hems’
  • Added press studs snaps/poppers along the ‘A seam’ from inner left hem to inner right hem
  • Lined the shorts portion with cotton voile.

Cotton tights by Marilyn.

Disclaimer: All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their owners and are used here for purposes of discussion and review.

Social Sessions. Make it so.

Social Sessions

Social Sessions will initiate in two weeks time. And continue for as long as there are takers. I aim to organise these on a fortnightly basis.

This is not a sewing thing it’s a hang out with cool people and widen your social circle while having fun thing. You can bring your partner, work friends, interesting people you meet at Uni/gym/activities-essentially anyone that you’d like to spend more time with.

Star Trek the Next Generation

You can even invite that cute guy/gal/other that you’ve been dying to ask out (but flubbed ‘cuz ‘date‘ is such a formal word). This is your chance to hang out with them in an informal setting and not have to worry about being at some restaurant trying to eat without getting anything stuck in your teeth and struggling to think of awesome things to impress them with.

The DauphinSo where’s this thing we’re going to in two weeks time?

Where: Joe’s Shoe Store.Joe's Shoe Store


  • it’s accessible by tram, train and bus so you don’t have to worry about driving there/home
  • you can get awesome pizzas delivered from Pizza Miene Lieber next door (and eat them at Joe’s), they have Gluten-Free options or you can visit any of the other awesome eateries in the area
  • the drinks are pretty durn good (they do cocktails and good whiskeys)
  • the atmosphere is relaxed and the crowd is friendly
  • they have an awesome toilet (that is always clean and never out of TP)

Outdoor eating area

When: Friday evenings, 6:00 PM onwards (you’re free to show up earlier/later with your friends, or with a book if you prefer).

The next 2 sessions are:

  • 25th October, 2013
  • 15th November, 2013

It’s a good way to relax, unwind and start the weekend-so put it in your reminder app/calender now. The weather’s warming up nicely and it’s time to get out there and meet some cool people already!

Disclaimer: All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for the purposes of discussion, illustration and humour. Featured image from here. All images linked directly to source.


To all the awesome people that filled the meetup forms-you rock. Thank you. I can’t wait to meet you in person and have exceptionally interesting adventures with you.


To all the anonymous weirdos that entered random sh*t (especially the creature that submitted the same form thrice under different initials):

fuckMy delete-button thanks you from the bottom of its little plastic heart for all the exercise it’s gotten this week.

For anyone that’s thinking of signing up for either meetup, I need your name (not your initials) and your email. I’m not sure why this needs to be explained but:

  • If I don’t have your email I can’t contact you about the meetup. And your ‘entry’ gets deleted.
  • I don’t interact with anonymous online weirdos. Especially not in real life. (BTW, you know you’re never actually anonymous on the the internet right? It records things like IP and location every time you fill a form. Yup, even those forms for commenting on other people’s blog posts =D I.e. blogger, disqus, wordpress and all the other commenting platforms. Even redditors can be traced if someone really wants to find them. I’m sorry if I’ve popped your imaginary privacy bubble).


If you’re signing up for the Bendigo meetup, you can either meet us in Melbourne and get to the gallery with us OR you get to the gallery by yourself and meet us there. But you can’t do both (because you’re a person not a quantum particle).

Webcomic from xkcd. Cat gifs, unattributed, from this excellent tumblr on sweet, sweet couples romancing (mostly hetero, sorry). Possibly NSFW due to the presence of the odd kissing/making out gif and/or bare skin. Depends on where you work really..

Kristiann’s Big Day Out: Melbourne Meetup November 24, 2013

Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns

Kristiann’s coming to Australia.

Give that a moment to sink in. Kristiann of Victory Patterns is coming to Oz.

So Maria and I thought we’d show her a good time Melbourne-style. Which involves dressing up and galavanting around town oogling exquisite artwork and browsing for patterns and fabric fuelled by nothing but the finest coffee, chocolate and modern cuisine.

Melbourne Australia

The National Gallery, the Melbourne Museum, The Fabric Store, Cleggs and Magnation are some of the stops on our itinerary. Lunch and dinner will be had in the city and we’ll head out for drinks after if people are up for it.

Everything will be public-transport-based (we’re sticking  to the city centre) so you don’t have to worry about parking/designated driving.

It’s gonna be a big day so start saving, sewing, working out, meditating and doing whatever it is you need to prepare yourself for this most extraordinary of adventures.

If you’re attending both meetups (the Modern Love Bendigo Meetup is the day before) you’re welcome to crash at my place overnight.

You do not need a blog to attend. Sign up here by the 15th of October, 2013. Registrations closed. Thank you for your interest. Watch this space for updates.

Previous meetups recapped here.

All images remain copyright of their respective owners. Featured image by Kristiann, cityscape used under commons attribution license off flickr.


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