Kristiann’s Big Day Out: Melbourne Meetup November 24, 2013

Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns

Kristiann’s coming to Australia.

Give that a moment to sink in. Kristiann of Victory Patterns is coming to Oz.

So Maria and I thought we’d show her a good time Melbourne-style. Which involves dressing up and galavanting around town oogling exquisite artwork and browsing for patterns and fabric fuelled by nothing but the finest coffee, chocolate and modern cuisine.

Melbourne Australia

The National Gallery, the Melbourne Museum, The Fabric Store, Cleggs and Magnation are some of the stops on our itinerary. Lunch and dinner will be had in the city and we’ll head out for drinks after if people are up for it.

Everything will be public-transport-based (we’re sticking  to the city centre) so you don’t have to worry about parking/designated driving.

It’s gonna be a big day so start saving, sewing, working out, meditating and doing whatever it is you need to prepare yourself for this most extraordinary of adventures.

If you’re attending both meetups (the Modern Love Bendigo Meetup is the day before) you’re welcome to crash at my place overnight.

You do not need a blog to attend. Sign up here by the 15th of October, 2013. Registrations closed. Thank you for your interest. Watch this space for updates.

Previous meetups recapped here.

All images remain copyright of their respective owners. Featured image by Kristiann, cityscape used under commons attribution license off flickr.


Scott & Bailey


Left: Perfect outfit on the blonde (Janet Scott). Modern, minimalist, grown up.

I got to bed at 3:50AM last night this morning after watching the series three finale of Scott and Bailey. British show, lady coppers, excellent wardrobe, good bit of eye candy for everyone. And unlike Luther (where I have to fast forward through all the creepy gory bits all the time) they omit the gore and get straight to the point: solving the case, being professional and having lives outside of work. Fair bit of humour too. Much of it provided by the lovable local idiot, Kevin, the rest pretty dry and involving the day to day interactions of syndicate police officers.


I love Janet Scott’s wardrobe (for the most part).  The blouse at bottom left is too over the top for me (clovers and ruffles, what is this, Allanah Hill?) but for the most part it seems to be styled (well) by the burda style photo shoot stylist. All three seasons are peppered with a plethora of white shirts in various styles and silhouettes. Nothing here not to love.

Scott and Bailey

All boxes ticked.

Every episode passes the Bechdel test (in spades) and the drama outside of crime solving, such as it is, is of the mature adult variety (by which I mean grown up, not inappropriate).

Characters of both sexes are fairly realistically fleshed-out with a healthy dose of nuanced greys (except Kevin. Kevin’s pretty uniformly monochrome because every show needs a lovable idiot).

I recommend it highly and am already experiencing extreme withdrawal following my weekend binge. Methinks a Scott and Bailey marathon-meetup might be in order (I’ll bring the projector).

And while we’re on the subject of things I like, have a listen to Wise up Ghost by Elvis Costello and the Roots. If you’re in Australia I suggest buying it off the Google play store rather than iTunes (unless you like paying the ‘Australia tax‘*)-you can get it immediately instead of having to pre-order and wait for the ‘release day’.

*Yea the Australian government is aware of this and they don’t like it any more than the rest of us (why should a digital download cost more here? It’s not like it’s being shipped here).

Disclaimer: All images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for the purposes of discussion, illustration and review. Don’t ask me where to find this, I am not your spirit guide (as those tend not to concern themselves with copyright limitations). Google might help though.

Guess who’s coming to the Modern Love Bendigo Meetup?

Modern Love Meetup Bendigo 24th November 2013

That map’s totally the right way up from where she is.. Totally. Because.

yoshimiandthemapIt’s Yoshimi! That’s right, the Modern Love Bendigo Art Gallery Meetup is now, officially, International.

Yoshimi’s blog, the flying squirrel was one of the first sewing blogs I came across back when I first started sewing. The fact that one of my earliest sewing idols is going to be here in Melbourne for this meetup is beyond exhilarating. Maria and I had a giddy over the phone geek out about the whole thing.

Which reminds me, I must sew something special for the occasion.

PS: has ads now (apparently they’re meant to be an ‘occasional’ thing). Because I hate ads (so much so, that I used the H word and started a sentence with because) I’ll either be moving to self-hosted, or sucking it up and paying for their adfree version. Obviously I’m hoping if no one clicks on the ads they’ll go away.  Just know that I am against them and am not getting compensated in any way, shape or form so you needn’t feel obliged to click on them.

Featured Image Credits: Detail of Evening Dress by Alexander McQueen, Fall/Winter 2008-2009. 
Courtesy of the FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles
Museum Commission: Funds provided by Karen Coombs-Jordan (2010.5.73). 
Photography by Brian E. Sanderson The rest of the dress is here.

Blooper: Patrones 272 Dress 5

Yes there is a button there..

This is something visually off-kilter about the proportions of this dress (aside from the fact that the pearl neckline makes my head look like a lollipop). I should’ve terminated the front button stand at the third-last button (or between the third last and second last buttons). The stiff, low stretch knit I used for a tester doesn’t help either.

Kinda mod and kinda uniform-ish

It’s a tad better with the collar ironed down, but this one’s definitely heading to the charity bin. I wore it to Uni once and it wasn’t spectacular. I meant to make it up in a drapey black silk jersey similar to the one in the pattern photograph, but I don’t think I’ll bother.

The fabric doesn't drape too well.

I wore it out with silk shorts under. It drapes a lot better that way but fit isn’t perfect. The sleeve mods are pretty awesome though.

Schumacher dress Patrones 272, No. 5

Pattern: Patrones 272, Dress 5, Schumacher.

Fabric: Stable poly knit with a lining side on the inside (zero tights snaggage-priceless).

Modifications: Shortened 2 cm at waist. Didn’t cut one of the sleeve extensions on the bias due to lack of yardage. That made the sleeve too tight so I graded back the sleeve hem to fit.

Tights by Fiore.

All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration, discussion and review.

I’m on the Victory Patterns Blog!

For my Pockets full of Posies rendition of the Lola knit dress. Also, there’s a mini-tute on sketching on fabricOver at the Victory patterns blog now.

Big ups to Kristiann for featuring my make.

Green bike by Alexander Shustov

Enjoy your weekend.

Image courtesy Alexander Shustov.

Meetup: Modern Love. Bendigo Art Gallery. November 2013

Meetup:Modern Love, Fashion visionaries from the FIDM Museum, LA

Alexander McQueen Evening dress F/W 2008-09  Courtesy of

Modern Love is a selection of fashion objects from 40 of the most influential designers and design houses of the last three decades. The exhibit includes creations from the FIDM Museum‘s extensive collection and includes work by Westwood, Miyake, YSL,  Lagerfeld, Versace, McQueen, Prada, Louboutin, Valentino, Thom Browne, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Commes des Garcon.

Maria (is flying down to Melbourne!) and I have booked our tickets for the 11:00 AM session on the the 23rd of November, 2013. We’ll be leaving Melbourne at 9:00 AM and driving to the Bendigo Art Gallery.

If you’d like to come with us (Melbourne to Bendigo) or join us for lunch (in Bendigo), you have till September 30th, 2013 to register your interestRegistrations closed. Thanks for your interest. Watch this space for meetup announcements and updates.

Unless you’re bringing a car, we’ll be renting one and splitting costs. Lunch will probably be around 12:30 at the Dispensary Enoteca (unless you have a better suggestion). A group of 10-12 means you can order what you want, any more and it’ll be a set menu of 2-3 courses. They need reservations a month in advance for large groups.

If I know you (through your blog/twitter/real life) and you’re thinking of flying to Melbourne for this event you’re welcome to crash on my couch and join Maria and myself for the trip there and back.

Book event tickets here and set up a reminder for yourself on Google calendar (or whatever calendar syncs across your devices).

Here’s a cool article on the resurgence of artistic endeavours in regional Victoria (it includes numbers for the last couple of big exhibits at the Bendigo Art Gallery: ‘The Golden Age of Couture: Paris & London 1947-1957′ and ‘Grace Kelly Style Icon’).

Blouse: John Galliano for Christian Dior Paris F/W 2003  Courtesy of

I strongly suggest dressing up.

Image Credits: 
Image 1: Alexander McQueen Evening dress, Fall/Winter 2008-09. Courtesy of

Image 2: Blouse, John Galliano for Christian Dior. Paris Fall/Winter 2003/ Courtesy of

Featured Image: Detail of Evening Dress by Alexander McQueen, Fall/Winter 2008-2009. Courtesy of the 
FIDM Museum at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles
Museum Commission: Funds provided by Karen Coombs-Jordan (2010.5.73). Photography by Brian E. Sanderson

Blogger’s Meetup:Outfit Posts

Thewallina recently suggested some sort of blogger’s meetup for the express purpose of taking ‘outfit shots’ (and to forego the effort/embarrassment/safety hassles of taking an expensive tripod/camera/autoflash to a ‘public’ place for posing).

This is an awesome idea. So I’d like to organise one on a monthly basis.


It’ll have to be a place with:

  • interesting scenery/backdrops
  • changing rooms/clean washrooms with room enough to change in
  • lockers/coat check where we can leave all our stuff during the photoshoot (this means bringing in more than one outfit+multiple changes=taking shots of everything you need to blog about)
  • proper light and enough room to back the #### up for proper framing
  • great food+drinks nearby to sustain us through the photography sessions


A couple of places that tick every box are: The NGV (both of ’em), ACMI, the Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building. For example: I could call up Industria to let us shoot there for an hour or so and then we could head to Arcadia for lunch and then on to a (free) tour of the Royal Exhibition building and more shots in the gardens. Lots of backdrops, a bit of socialising + food around the city.

Carl: The coat check guys are gonna hate you. XD

Me: It’s their job. They love it.

Alternatively, there’s a park and reserve near my place and the Uni gardens are nearby so we could totally do that if you’re willing to make the pilgrimage to the suburbs (not a complete waste as Darn Cheap Fabrics and The Cloth Shop are also doable. In fact, DCF has a park nearby).

Sign up to dropbox and the files can get transferred while we lunch.

What do you guys think? This is something I can set up once a month on an ongoing basis if you’re into it. Yes, you can come along if you’d like photos (of yourself) for Flickr/Twitter etc.


Now all we gotta do is bring Thewallina to Melbourne to partake. That, I’m still working on.

Images 1, 2 and 3 by Öykü Öge. Featured image by Ormond Gigli. Click on the images to visit the artists’ pages. Images used for illustration and discussion under an ‘Attribution no Derivatives’ license and remain copyright of their original owners.