Patterns and Postcards

EDIT: Remaining Pattern Magazines are now on evilbay.

Patterns and Postcards is an inter-blog swapfest. General guidelines are as follows:

List it: You have till the end of September 2012 to scan/ photograph everything you’d like to swap (might be a good idea to break it up into separate posts as all that scanning can get tedious after a while) and post it on your blog (if you have one) or as a Flickr/ Picassa set or Thinglink image.

Make it accessible: If you’re on Flick/ ThinkLink/ Picassa or any other image hosting site, check that you’ve set viewing access to be public so that everyone can see your swapfest goodies.

Claim it: A lot of people have expressed concerns about dibsies, so as of today there is is no official deadline for dibsies, if you like something, leave a comment/ send a message/ tweet/ email stating what you like with a link to the post/ picture set of stuff you’ve listed for swap so your swapee can choose something for themselves (and decide whether they want to swap).

Tag it: If something from your list has been spoken for, edit your post/ listing to mark it as taken (or delete it from the listing) so that you don’t get multiple dibs on the same item.

Mail it: It would be great to have things decided on and mailed by the end of October so recipients receive them early to mid November (which leaves everyone free for focusing solely on holiday/ family/ shopping stresses without having to worry about swaps etc).

Keep it social: Send your swap partner a quick email or blog comment as soon as you receive your parcel. Not only is this the polite (read, humane) thing to do, it’s great for senders to know that the goodies have arrived safely and aren’t languishing unclaimed in a customs hold up somewhere. And now on to the good stuff.

Patterns and Postcards Swap Participants  


Patterns and Postcards Swapables


Part I   ~  Contemporary and vintage patterns

Part II  ~ More contemporary and vintage patterns

Part III ~ Even more contemporary and vintage patterns

Part IV ~ And the rest


Mixture of envelope patterns with some really nice collar variations


Part I, Vintage sewing magazines

Part II, Vintage envelope patterns

Part III Vintage envelope patterns

Part IV Vintage envelope patterns

Part V Vintage envelope patterns

Bohdana (Poppet Hill)

Vintage, contemporary and retro envelope patterns.

Busy Lizzie

Vintage and contemporary patterns (including Vogue designer) and Burda mag!


Contemporary envelope patterns and sewing books (including the Liberty one)

Kat H

A mix of envelope patterns




Scroll downwards for Pattern magazines, magazine and book traced patterns and vintage envelope patterns.

Nothy Lane

Part I~ Vintage and Contemporary Envelope Patterns 

Part II~ More patterns.

Part III~ Even more patterns (including vintage Vogue Designer patterns!)

Part IV- Current and back issues of Burda magazine.


Vintage and contemporary patterns (including Burda and jeans!)


Structured and easy fit contemporary patterns + some vintage (2 peplums!)


Pile o’ vintage patterns (adults and children’s)

Things I’ve got up for swap:

Click on the image to go to a ThingLink Image with more information   Remaining mags have been moved to ebay.

Click on the image to go to a ThingLink Image with more information

Japanese Sewing Book Patterns and Knipmode Patterns.  Click on the image to go to a ThingLink Image with more information

Burda/ Burdastyle, La Mia Boutique, Ottobre and Patrones Patterns. Click on the image to go to a Thinglink image with all the info.

Things I’m interested in swapping for :

Patterns magazines and books –  Knipmode Magazines (May 2006, August 2007, October 2007, February 2008 and August 2010), back issues of Burda, Patrones and La Mia Boutique magazines, Japanese sewing books.

Envelope patternsVogue Designer/ Courturier patterns (vintage and contemporary) and patterns for knit fabric garments (especially Jalie/ Hot Patterns) sizes 4-10 depending on the manufacturer. Vogue 1247 (Rachel Comey), Vogue 1332 (Pamela Roland).

Swapped patterns are greyed out in the main image but will still be visible in the ThingLink image. Time’s a passing so jump on it.

15 thoughts on “Patterns and Postcards

  1. Hello,
    How can I order? I am interested Petterns Magazine. Did you have online shop? I hope to be heard from you. Thank you.
    Yaminta C.

  2. Hi – I don’t have a blog but do heaps of sewing (although less than I used to) and have over 30 years worth of mostly big 4 patterns, some of which are hideous, others less so. (And my wedding dress is listed above for a swap – it’s definitely not hideous!) Is it still possible to be a swapper/swappee? Ta

  3. Hello! I am late in the game in seeing this. Is the swap still going on? I have some patterns I wouldn’r mind swapping. Love your blog by the way, and am following.

    • Most of the stuff up there is gone but let me know if you have anything I’m into-I’m getting rid of a bunch of other stuff soon and I’m happier to swap than having to list it on ebay XD

  4. Hi, what a pity I only found now ur site 😦 Do u still have some for swap?
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Hi do you by any chance still have the Burda Classics 1 from 2012? I really really love these patterns and can swap or pay for them. Love to hear your reaction. Teresa from The Netherlands

    • Hi Therese, sorry this is so late, I haven’t logged into wordpress in ages and missed this. Which magazine do you mean? All of the ones here are gone. Kind regards.

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