Blooper: Patrones 272 Dress 5

Yes there is a button there..

This is something visually off-kilter about the proportions of this dress (aside from the fact that the pearl neckline makes my head look like a lollipop). I should’ve terminated the front button stand at the third-last button (or between the third last and second last buttons). The stiff, low stretch knit I used for a tester doesn’t help either.

Kinda mod and kinda uniform-ish

It’s a tad better with the collar ironed down, but this one’s definitely heading to the charity bin. I wore it to Uni once and it wasn’t spectacular. I meant to make it up in a drapey black silk jersey similar to the one in the pattern photograph, but I don’t think I’ll bother.

The fabric doesn't drape too well.

I wore it out with silk shorts under. It drapes a lot better that way but fit isn’t perfect. The sleeve mods are pretty awesome though.

Schumacher dress Patrones 272, No. 5

Pattern: Patrones 272, Dress 5, Schumacher.

Fabric: Stable poly knit with a lining side on the inside (zero tights snaggage-priceless).

Modifications: Shortened 2 cm at waist. Didn’t cut one of the sleeve extensions on the bias due to lack of yardage. That made the sleeve too tight so I graded back the sleeve hem to fit.

Tights by Fiore.

All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration, discussion and review.

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50 thoughts on “Blooper: Patrones 272 Dress 5

  1. Your dress is far too wonderful to throw into the bin. Are you counting buttons from the top or the bottom? Maybe I’d recut the neckline and finish it with bias binding and change the buttons to a colour with less contrast so the dress is the focus and not the buttons. Or could you cut it off and make a really interesting short jacket. Those sleeves are too interesting to toss away.

    • Thanks Barbara-I really appreciate your suggestions-it was the sleeves that drew me to this pattern (almost 3 years ago when I first saw it). I’d held off sewing it despite having graded and traced the pattern because I wasn’t sure how the button stand would work in jersey (when pattern magazine poses obscure a particular detail there’s usually a bad reason for it XD) but yea, it might work as a little jacket or similar!

      • I totally agree about the mags and pattern books – when they show something in black where you can’t see details or a hand is in front of something significant – BEWARE!!! of that pattern.

  2. Adding a belt would take care of the excess fabric in back and take your eye off the center buttons. Why do the sleeves look like they are half the length of the black ones? Did you slide them up inside?

    • The fabric I used didn’t have much stretch to it so I had to slice off the seam allowance I’d added on (and 1.5 cm) so the sleeves on my version have less volume. This won’t be an issue if you use the sort of fabric they’ve used for the original and it was fabric dependent not a pattern issue have a look at the ‘modification’ section in the text (although it was a hack not a mod XD).

  3. “blooper” is so much nicer than “wadder”. I love the sleeves. Those are definitely a win, whatever is happening with the rest of the dress, which, apart from the buttons, looks good from the photos. But we gotta be super happy with what we sew, right?

    • haha yea I try to finish everything off professionally (even if it’s turning out to be something I would never wear) because the charity shop down the road really appreciates my makes (and they’re all sold by the next time I stop by to donate stuff) so I’m sure they’re appreciated and worn by someone somewhere XD
      I remember the first blooper post I did getting a couple of annoyed comments to the tune of ‘what’s wrong with you for not liking these, there are people out there who can’t afford clothes etc’ but hopefully someone like that has bought my makes from the charity shop for pennies so-eh it all evens out.
      I’d rather they go to someone that loves them (or at least uses them) than hang untouched in my cupboard XD I’d rather not blog bloopers at all because it’s such a waste of time and space for something I won’t wear but I have some hope that it saves someone else from wasting that time and effort making something awful XD

  4. I can see what you mean about that last button but I think the buttoned-up neckline looks fine, it would be very authentic in the 1960s. I love this dress and would have never noticed it from that magazine photograph! Otherwise, the fit, color and those sleeves are amazing. You should definitely make this dress again!

  5. I like it! It is cute, and you always look fantastic in these kind of dresses. The little sleeves are gorgeous. I wouldn´t call it a blooper…

  6. Oh dear, sorry girlie, it’s definitely a blooper! BUT at least you made a shot of it, yeah? You’ve got to try these things. And well done too! I think that the temptation to hide a failure is often too strong for some of us, but we need to be honest. Often it makes us feel a bit better.

    • Cheers, it does need to be out there so that others know know to waste their time (or waste a bit more time and make the necessary alterations before cutting fabric). XD

  7. Personally I would add darts at the back and wear the dress. I love the sleeves and I would have totally chosen the pattern just for that. I also like the placket detail at the bottom. Thanks for posting about it. I am also all in favor for posting about what we make…somebody will eventually search for it and find useful information!

    • Darts are a good idea-and I do like the sleeves, maybe I should make this one again, incorporating all the suggestions you guys’ve so kindly provided. +1 to learning from others’ mistakes XD

  8. Sometimes you get lemons. Not everyone is going to agree with you, but you know if you will wear this – and if not the charity shop gets lucky. Someone is going to love this! (And you look great in the colour!)

  9. I know exactly what you mean … I have just sorted out dresses that I do not wear because they are not 100 percent what I want ! Are we too critical of our sewn dresses ?
    However, the color is great :-) :-)

    • Thanks-yea I reckon the reason many of us sew is to get the ‘perfect fit’ and stuff that reflects our style (rather than fashion trends or what everyone else’s wearing). So when it doesn’t work out that way it can happily go to someone else that it ‘works’ for XD And they’re probably happy to know it was made by someone that enjoys making it (rather in a sweatshop..) XD

  10. This must look better in photos than it feels in real life – it looks great from here. Even if it does get consigned to the charity shop you should use the sleeve detail on something else, they are awesome!

  11. Hello,

    You left a comment on my blog the other day so I thought I would drop by and take a look. Your blog is gorgeous and so are your clothes! I can’t wait to read everything.


  12. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog re: the Simplicity 2209 jacket, and I don’t recommend. It is really boxy and the shoulders were way too big on me despite making my usual size. also the only slight asymetrical front turns out kind of weird looking. I think you could find something else that is better :)

  13. Great idea to give things that don’t fit/look the way you expected to a charity shop! I have quite a few now which I constantly try to palm off on people that come to visit, but you’re idea is much better! I do really love the colour of this – red really suits you! Sleeves totally rock (as lots of other people have said) – you should definitely use them again!

  14. You cannot throw this in the bin! When I first saw it I thought, wow, I like that. The colour looks awesome on you and the details are interesting. BUT, on the other hand, if it doesn’t feel or look right to you, then it’s best to bid it a kind farewell.

  15. I agree I love the color on you but if it goes to the charity shop someone will be very lucky to find it. I do love those sleeves!

  16. Thanks for sharing. I don’t think the dress is all that bad. The color is great on you. I really like the button stand in the front. Would love to make something like this on a shirt dress. Just to save on buttons and buttonholes for the skirt bit, which really never needs to be opened anyways.

  17. Hey you totally pull this off in my books…but if you’re not sure about the proportions, how about shortened and tucked in as a shirt? With some kick ass trousers and heels….provided the fabric is not too thick. It’s too interesting and well made to give up on!

  18. I like this, good colour, length is spot on and the sleeves are a real feature. Mrs Mole is right, a little belt will sort the button placket issue, tho it looks to me that its the last button placement – a move to right might sort it, but if you don’t like it, well….

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