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Pattern Pyramid Winner

The winner of the Pattern Pyramid (le nth, because I’ve no idea how many there’ve been or how many others are still on or how many there may still be) is Clio.

Send me your details so I can send you your stuff.


googleukYes. Unless it’s on Dr. Who.

Consensus: Burdastyle Special added to Pattern Pyramid

All comments point to binning (the print-out pattern from the Pattern Pyramid set) which means I can now fit a Burdastyle in there instead of the two knit patterns I’d added earlier. Which means should you decide to enter, you now have 18 more patterns* to choose from instead of just two.

Here’s a selection of my favourites (scroll for pattern summary/line diagrams):

burdastyle special.002The car coat is just luxe. The empire waist dress is similar to burdastyle’s Danielle (but way more elegant) so you should be able to make all sorts of variations out of it.

burdastyle special No.2 2012I’m not big on fur** but they’ve dialed down the trash setting with this version; also the pattern’s pretty simple and sweet and could easily be used for heavy boucle or something more furniture-y if that’s your thing.

burdastyle Special No. 02 2012Right: Claire Underwood eff yea

Independent, modern, minimalist, high achiever. I’ll take that over vintage-airhead any day. I could sing Claire’s praises here but it’s already been done. And yes. I have traced off that blouse.

Jump on it.

* I don’t count ‘variations’ as patterns. The size range is between 34-48 or 34-50 for most of the patterns.

**I have no issues with the humane killing of introduced pests for ‘eco-fur’ i.e. rabbits in Australia and Australian possums in New Zealand.

Line diagrams 02/2012

Disclaimer: All images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for the purposes of illustration, discussion and review.

Pattern Pyramid le nth

I’m coming down with the flu so I’ll keep this short (my sewing machine’s out of the running as well, so at least I don’t feel like I’m wasting sewing time by being sick harhar).

Won this Pattern Pyramid parcel off the Curious kiwi blog (the rules are in that post-read ’em) kept the Patrones (8 patterns to trace+flu=I’m not gonna get this traced before the giveaway ends) replaced it with two knit patterns and it’s bagged, tagged and ready to be swagged by the next recipient.

Pattern Pyramid burdastyle special

All patterns are multi-sized except for the McCall’s 8269 (I’ve enlarged size numbers on some of the patterns for clarity). I’ve made a modified version of the Jalie 2682 here. There’s also a print-out of the paperbag dress in size 36. Ladies, why are we blowing postage on a single-size print-out of a free pattern that anyone can download and print for themselves? I ask because the thing is heavy, thick, unwieldy and in its absence I could’ve fit a Patrones/ Burda in the envelope instead of the two knit patterns I added.

Seriously, does anyone actually want this thing? It’s a sh*tload of unnecessary (and totally avoidable) cost in international postage. EDIT: I chucked the print-out and added a burdastyle special.

Right, on to the details: anyone, anywhere with a blog can enter. Tell me where you are, what the weather there’s like, which of these you want and (optional) whether the paperbag dress print-out should join its paper bag friends in my recycling bin.

Giveaway ends Sunday 7 April, 2013. On a totally separate note Groupon Melbourne has a boylesque deal that looks like hilariously cheesy awesomeness (the description says classy and vintage, click on ‘already registered’ if the annoying popup pops up). Drop me a line if you’d like to join me for a good laugh (otherwise it’s just going to be me and a bunch of gay guys-still hilarious but neither vintage nor classy).

Disclaimer: All images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration, discussion and review.

Pattern Pyramid Parcel (yea!)

I actually ran to the door before the mail-lady knocked- *spider sense tingling* (not really, I heard the front gate click). Well, I knew it was a Pattern Pyramid ParcelTM from Karen (yes it’s a thing now) but I had no idea what was inside.

Turned out it was this:


*Not to scale.

You all know how it goes (this being the fifth one of these things to go live and all): leave a comment specifying which item you’d like and in a week I’ll pick a random winner to receive the entire set, keep the object of their choice, and set up their own giveaway for the rest. This means you need to have a blog to participate (as a side-effect it’ll deter the hoarding evilbay rejects discussed earlier).

In the interests of keeping the chain going for as long as possible while channeling the don’t hoard shit you can pass on philosophy I waxed lyrical on last week, I made up the pattern I liked, and gave it a bit of a paint job. Then I put the pattern back into the pool. So if it’s the pattern you were dying for blam blam – it’s yours if you win (which one is it? Big reveal tomorrow if the sun comes out). 

In order to increase the odds of your sewing up an actual garment from whatever you win I’m displaying all the items so you can Google up reviews etc and get yourself all psyche’d up to sew.  Clockwise:The nameless pattern at upper left is Bestway Pattern C454 which is pretty darned fragile and has no printed markings on it (bust size 34), followed by Burda 7694 (Eu sizes 34-42, instructions on lower left tab; no it’s not reviewed on PR at the mo but you can change that!), Vogue 1046 Anna Sui (sizes 6-12), the Burda magazine browse-through is here; the skirt I made from this issue was traced back when I lived near a library that stocked some Burda issues (i.e. don’t email me asking to borrow it/ buy it/ trace patterns for you out of it).  Next up, vintage Simplicity 3385 ( size 12, bust 32), and Polynesian patterns Wikiwiki (Med bust 34-36),  Unfortunately there is no pattern for deflecting bullets with your wrists, it’s more..a state of mind. I’ve included it here as inspiration.

Re: Getting this stash out to the maximum number of sewists, how about if we trace and/or make what we like and put the pattern back in the pool? This can easily be done in the time it takes to run the giveaway (I received the parcel yesterday afternoon, sewed up my make yesterday and spent today painting it. The giveaway runs for a week so..easy peasy). That way at least a couple of people will have had a chance on each item (the magazine alone has 20+ patterns- I’d rather 20 people get to make one pattern each rather than one person sit on all 20 because they need it in their stash). This would also be in keeping with Karen’s generous gift to the sewing world (booming 1950s sci-fi, sky-announcement-voice) philosophy.

What do you guys think?

All images remain copyright of their respective owners and are used for purposes of discussion/ review. Giveaway ends 26th July, 2012.

Winning Everything – the Olympic edition

Once every four years I miss owning a TV.

0-2 seconds GoddamBBC why the sticker bar whywhywhwhywhy @#%!!!!!!

3-6 seconds Googling Tom Daly shower minus bar.

7-10 seconds Wait, what? Oh well.

11-20 seconds laughing at the comments on this page. Top rated comment “I became gay for like 3 seconds. Alright, 4”. Second best comment: “My ovaries just exploded”.

Calm down ladies he’s 18 (and he’s already published a memoir).

Daley’s cute but Australia’s Magnificent Magnussen has him beat.

Hands down. Despite missing the record by 0.01 seconds.

Also (not that anyone’s even paying attention anymore) Dita von Tesse discussed her vintage collections. And said burlesque is just striptease, y’all. Done ye olde style. This is only entertaining to me in that it has high potential to giving self confessed indie chicks the crazy-irrits. It is nowhere near as entertaining as this though.

Also also: Cathe won the Patrones Giveaway and Carolyn won the Pattern Pyramid Giveaway. Send me your details ladies so I can send you your goodies. I will try to drag my eyeballs away from tasty, tasty Olympic goodness and set up this month’s giveaway sometime this week.

PS: Why is it that all the gay websites have the best hot Olympian shots? What are all the women’s sites wasting their internet real estate on? Seriously, Jezebel focus on the important topics now already! Hang on-here’s a lads of the Oz swim team article on Ms Naughty’s blog (which is not safe for work, not because of the lads but because she also covers pr0n for ladies).

Oh and before I forget: the Prada fall collection is heavily Steam Punk afflicted. Make of that what you will.

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Lapis Lazuli

Just because I’m not at SDCC doesn’t mean I can't still dress up.

My mum’s started painting again (and by that I mean the artistic kind of painting not the house kind) and looking at all her makes (on Google+!) inspired me to get the old brushes dusted off and slopping. Also, I recently bought a sh*tload of Pebeo from dickblick and the time had come to utilise it.

Pattern: Vogue 1046 American Designer Anna Sui,  from Karen’s Pattern Pyramid

Supplies: Sapphire blue Modal Jersey, Gutterman Thread, Pebeo Opaque and Metallic fabric paints, Artist’s Choice brushes Nos. 1 & 6 (fan) hog hair and Windsor and Newton No. 0 (Cotman) paint brushes.

Pattern Modifications: Numerous!

  • Didn’t bother to read the instructions.
  • Shortened front yoke (now it’s reversible-BettyDraperBiznezBITCH!), shortened front and back ‘skirt’ at waist and at hips.
  • Substituted central box pleats and lateral knife pleats for the gathers below the yoke.
  • Used knit fabric instead of woven
  • Cut the front yoke on the straight (not on the cross-it’ll stretch!) fold instead of on the bias.
  • Cut the back yolk on the (straight) fold also.
  • Used 0.5 cm wide transparent lingerie elastic to shore up the shoulder seams (this is a must – I consider it a pre-requisite for all knit wear but especially so for a garment like this where the shoulder seams support 3x the usual amount of fabric weight). Omit this step if you like the off-shoulder look enough to risk accidental wardrobe malfunction.

Instigator: Karen ~Thank you pretty lady, I doff my (bobble) hat at thee.

Dedicated to all the ladies out there that appreciate a bit of volume *sultry late night Radio Jockey voice*

Like it? Pattern pyramid giveaway here (ends July 26, 2012).

All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of review and discussion.


I host monthly sewing-related giveaways. Each giveaway is announced at the start of the month and a random commenter picked at the end of the month. Winners are announced in the following blog post. The terms of entry are as follows: leave a (relevant) comment on the giveaway post and any other post(s) in the blog. And you’re in.

Guess what just turned up in the mailbox?

Giveaways hosted thus far:

February 2013 – Simplicity Sewing Book (c) 1947 for Sew Grateful Week. Giveaway ends 10th February, 2012. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

January 2013 – The Burdastyle Handbook. Giveaway ends 31st January, 2013. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

December 2012 –  Cut Up Couture by Koko Yamase. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

November 2012 – Knipmode Special Winter Supplement October. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

October 2012 – Knipmode Special Winter Supplement. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

September 2012 –  Stitched by You 2012. Giveaway closes 30th September, 2012. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

August 2012 – Burda Easy Spring/ Summer 2012. Giveaway closes 31st August, 2012. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

July 2012 – Patrones Extra, No. 13. Costura Facil (ends July 31st, 2012) AND Karen’s Pattern Pyramid giveaway (ends July 26th, 2012). Both giveaways have closed, winners announced here.

June 2012 – Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics by Tomoko Nakamichi. Giveaway closes 30th June, 2012. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

May 2012 – Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire B. Shaeffer (revised  and updated edition) AND a Bonus giveaway for May 2012 (courtesy dashinmarmot) La Mia Boutique May 2011. Both giveaways close on the 31st of May, 2012. Both these giveaways have now closed. Winners announced here and here.

April 2012 –  Slender Silhouette. Easy to wear clothes for adult ladies.  大人の服―すっきり見えて着やすく、よりきれいに. A Japanese sewing book with patterns. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.

March 2012 – Manequim Pattern Magazine, November 2009. Closes on the 31st of March, 2012. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.  

February 2012 – Knipmode Pattern Magazine, Special Winter supplement. This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.  

January 2012 – Vogue 1179 DKNY tunic/ dress for knit fabrics, sizes AA (6-12). This giveaway has closed, winner announced here.  

Triangle Pillow Tutorial Reviewed

I’ve been wanting to make the fabulous pyramidal bean bag featured on Grosgrain (some time ago-I was busy writing a thesis ok?).  Originally known as the triangle pillow (that proletarian name was disowned post-haste), it seemed to me the perfect quick and easy project to whip up in a couple of hours.

Triangle pillow tutorial

Triangle pillow a.k.a., the fabulous pyramid bean bag

So I bought some upholstery weight suede in a nice avocado colour and some upholstery weight jacquard in a blue and yellow chevron from a shop on ebay.  I cut and marked out the avocado suede and clipped it  (with bulldog clips and clothes pins because regular pins leave noticeable holes in leather/suede) instead of pinning it. Here’s a look  at the two fabrics.

Avacado green upholstery weight suede

Blue and Yellow Chevron Jacquard

And here’s a picture of the final product. I actually made it a couple of months ago and it has had some heavy duty use since. That’s big dog and puppy having a test ride – big dog was rescued by my partner during Uni and puppy was gift to me from my little brother when I went away to college.

Triangle pillow aka The Fabulous Pyramidal Bean Bag

The Fabulous Pyramidal Bean Bag

The only modification I made was to insert a heavy-duty zipper up one seam (so I can empty the bean bag for washing or refill it when needs be) and hand stitch (and it looks it) a little zipper protecting tab onto the top.

Zipper and hand-stitched tab

Zipper and hand-stitched tab

The blue chevron bean bag turned out pretty massive (the basic requirement for this pattern is a piece of fabric twice as long as it is wide so I just used all whole 2.4 metres) and we haven’t the space for it yet so it’s sitting on top of the chest of drawers all folded up and pensive.

Conclusion: If you’ve been looking for a quick basic project then go for it-its a pretty awesome tutorial resulting in a pretty sweet (and affordable) piece of furniture.