Japanese Pattern Books and Pattern Magazines on Ebay Now


Patrones in all its linguistic forms


More to come over the weekend.

Everything above (and more) is on ebay right now. I’ll be adding more over the weekend including Designer Vogue, Jalie and Style Arc Patterns.

Yes I’m still alive. I hope you’re well also and gearing up for XMAS!

Vintage Drafting and Sewing Books now on Evilbay

All of the things are on ebay now. Also, the last of the Nani Iro double gauze.

Big ups to everyone that bought stuff over the past couple of weeks-you have no idea how much I appreciate it, seriously. Massive thanks.

Image heavy post below.

Here’s a bunch of cool images from the vintage stuff I’ve listed this week.


folio_0008folio_0006folio_0001 folio_0004  folio_0007  folio_0005


pdd_0002 pdd_0003 pdd_0004 pdd_0006 pdd_0007 pdd_0005

pdd_0007 pdd_0005


ul_0008 ul_0007 




tg_0005 tg_0004 tg_0006 tg_0007 tg_0008tg_0002

sfp_0006 1940s

rh_0004 rh_0006



enidpetite_0006 enidpetite_0004


hj5_0004 hj5_0003


ww_0002 ww_0004


wd_0007 wd_0006 wd_0005wd_0004  wd_0003 wd_0002

Browse through at your leisure here.

Black Gold (or, the perfect shirt dress part deux)

Knipmode04-2011_15 Pullover shirtdress

I’ve been searching high and low (read, through all the pattern mags I already own) for the perfect shirt dress pattern. Comfortable, classy, formal enough to wear to work, casual enough for a night out.

Right now, this one’s ticking all the boxes (except the buttons that put the ‘shirt’ in shirt dress. That is a plus in my book though) and the stand-collar makes it ‘shirt’ enough to look dressy so.. onwards and upwards. (• ◡•)

Knipmode04-2011_15 Pullover shirtdress

The embroidery around the neckline and down the ends of the self-tie belt is one of the in-built stitch options on my brother ns20. I filled in the little leaves by hand sewing filler stitches with the same gold thread but that isn’t obvious here (I need a camera with a better sensor (ಥ﹏ಥ).

Knipmode04-2011_15 Pullover shirtdress

The nice new photo area is courtesy of the fine Victorian gentleman I’m seeing. This is the back porch of his family home. Great for barbecues and blog photos. I sewed an adjustable linen apron for him and I’m planning on making him a Liberty shirt for his birthday so you’ll probably see him here soon.  (ᵔᴥᵔ)

Knipmode04-2011_15 Pullover shirtdress

Here’s the overall silhouette without the belt, great for camouflaging lunch babies and the like. BTW if you’re wondering about the perfect shirt dress part un, here it is. This one trumps that one in its buttonless-ness though. Please post links to any cool shirtdress patterns you’d like to recommend in the comments!

On a completely different note, I’m going through one of my cyclic periods of poverty and have put up a whole bunch of sewing stuff on ebay. More listings over the weekend-think of it as a donation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. On another completely different note, here’s a nice tribute to Leonard Nimoy on FashionItSo (a very cool tumblr that focuses on the clothing in the Star Trek the Next Generation series) and another on NPR. 

Knipmode04-2011_15 Pullover shirtdress

Check out this awesome chica. Lounging on the 15,000 dollar real Italian leather couch in her sea-side bungalow (say it like you mean it) waiting for her shirtless 25 year old boy toy to bring her some ice tea 17 year old single malt Japanese scotch. I didn’t even have to look at the line diagram to post-it this one as the ‘next make’ (then I put the mag away, forgot all about it and rediscovered the line diagram while searching through my pattern summary pdfs for a shirtdress ;). 

Pattern: Knipmode, April 2011, Pullover dress 15 (with self fabric tie belt).

Fabric: Super light, black viscose rayon with accents in gold raw silk and gold silk embroidery.


  • shortened 2 cm at the waistline, 4 cm at the hem and pinched out 0.5 cm vertically (from the shoulder down; I should have reduced 1-1.5 cm vertically.) 
  • omitted interfacing the collar and collar stand
  • omitted the cuff tabs and the curved hem facing
  • shortened the sleeves due to fabric length limitations
  • finished the curved hem with a narrow hem using a rolled hem foot

Disclaimer: All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration, discussion and review.


back is back in lace and crepe by theperfectnose

New house, new photo space. This is the last time I’ll be using the balcony-the light is awful (that top is way darker) and I don’t need the extra level of grunge courtesy the rainwater harvest system. 

back is back in lace and crepe by theperfectnose

This is a pretty cool pattern for using tiny little scraps of fabric. Great for remnants and even better for using small (read, affordable) amounts of very expensive fabric for that totally luxe feeling.

I want to make another but probably won’t due to the blinding rage of having to piece it together from shitty little A4s* because the seller ‘lacks the time to recreate the pattern in a larger format’ (the file the A4s version was tiled from would have been more than sufficient). I’m all for supporting entrepreneurship but I’m not putting money down for something that turns my hobby into a chore.

back is back in lace and crepe by theperfectnose

It’s probably long enough to cover ‘coin slottage’ issues with low waist jeans (if made it up in an opaque fabric ;).

I bought this (and two other patterns) before I knew providing untiled pdfs was some sort of epic quest that required special effort and a twelve-sided dice (NB:I’ve sewn pdf patterns from Pattern Runway, Victory Patterns and Salme Patterns which were provided, on request, in untiled large/A0 format. Big ups to Lisa of Paprika patterns for including untiled, large format pdfs with every pattern right off the bat [on an unrelated note,  big ups to Barbara for that lovely supportive email checking in on me. Lady, you’re a frickin’ legend and I appreciate your kind words more than I can express here. Many thanks].

Another issue with the back is back pattern, is the sizing. Using the correct size for my dimensions (34) results in a too-tight fit and sizing up (to 36) causes gaping everywhere. I compromised by using the smaller size for the back piece, the larger one for the front and grading the join at the shoulders with bias tape (and it shows. Ha!).

*Tiled pdfs are an unnecessary contrivance I f*cking detest because I want to spend my sewing time sewing, not cutting and pasting shitty little A4s together (and there’s a very affordable large format print shop near me which saves me from the said ignoble fate). This is also why I avoid patterns from burdastyle online. It’s not worth the hassle and there’s so much out there to sew that doesn’t require moving furniture and juggling glue/scotchtape.

pattern review: back is back by vanessa pouzet

Pattern: Vanessa Pouzet’s back is back (has bust darts and a yoke in the front). Jeans-Guess, Shoes-John Fluevog.

Fabric: The front is a light silk crepe, the back is two panels of fairly expensive lace that I pieced together (shittily, ha!) by hand.


  • Back pattern pieces are of the recommended size, front pieces are one size up
  • I pieced the back together from scalloped lace instead of using the straight centre back seam used in the pattern
  • The back neckline for the lace portion was finished using a narrow hem foot before being sewn to the yoke pieces

Comments: Check the size chart carefully before buying. I went a size up on the do brasil dress based on my experience with this pattern and bad things happened (gaping neckline, shoulder straps sliding off, general irritation and the binning of  a pretty block print voile from mum X(). I binned that pattern with the fury of Thor (in so much as a rolled up paper pattern can be slammed into a recycling bin ‘like a magical flying hammer’. 

Disclaimer: All non-self-generated images remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration, discussion and review.

All opinions expressed in this post are based on my experience with the pattern used. Drama in the comments (why don’t you like her/why can’t you be nice/ waahwaah/boohoo) will be published and thoroughly mocked/ derided (not necessarily by me).

Welcome to the internet, even terrorists get mocked here (the last two vids on that page are pure gold).


Day 1 of Jenny’s weekend sleepover.

Kurai_Muki_knit 2

It started out all professional-like.

Kurai Muki Lalala Lockstitch 2 Pullover A4 sewing pattern

Then devolved into a gummi bear* fuelled giggle-fest.

Kurai Muki Lalala Lockstitch 2 Pullover A4 sewing pattern

Numerous bears tragically deliciously lost their heads (and other body parts).

Kurai_Muki_knit 1 (1)

Much hilarity ensued.

Kurai_Muki_knit 10

Then I scraped the duck poop off my shoes and we went home.


The day ended with wine (this one and this one-yes it’s a very pretty label and very sewing-relevant), Indian takeaway and the Thomas Crowne Affair (enjoyable in a predictable way) followed by House of Cards Season 1.

Oh yea. 

Kurai Muki Lalala Lockstitch2 A4 pullover

Pattern: Kurai Muki’s Lalala Lockstitch 2-Pullover A4

Fabric: Soft wool knit in a very strange weave.

Modifications: None. And it fits fine. Which means it’s sized for midgets. Normals beware.

The sleeve cuffs are very long on me. Great for keeping my paws warm, but definitely not the length shown in the pattern image above.

Red Jacket here.

Thanks Jen, for the photos, the gummis, and the awesome company.

*Haribo for life.



Burda102009_116_3I love this dress.

It oozes a tonne of va va voom for what is, essentially, a basic sheath with front and back waist darts. The Oomph is in the silhouette-it looks like you’re in the middle of undressing. All of the time. 


Details: Two toned raw silk (Indian dupion) fully lined in black Japanese rayon and faced at the neckline and arm holes in self fabric. Invisible zipper up the back.

Burda102009_116_13Just want to say thank you to everyone that wrote to check up on me or just to say hello. I’ve been through a lot of changes since I last posted.

Thanks, also, to Jenny for taking these awesome photos (at the Bundoora Homestead) and sharing a weekend of hanging out and chillaxing.

Yes Jenny is actually a Hayao Miyazaki Character.

Keep it real ladies.

Burda World of Fashion 10/2009 Dress 116

Pattern: Burda 10/2009, Dress 116

Fabric: Red two toned raw silk

Modifications: Omitted the bow at the back, shortened at the hem by 5 cm.

Tights by Fiore, shoes Ristretto by John Fluevog.

Burda World of Fashion 10/2009 Dress 116

PSA::@CreativeLive Photography courses

Creativelive sale and rebroadcast

If you’re interested in learning professional Photography and image processing techniques and workflows (among other things) creativeLIVE have some really awesome stuff online. I’ve only viewed their Photography and image processing related courses so I can’t vouch for anything else but they offer the live broadcast of every course free to everyone that’s enrolled (you need to sign up and create a login, also free) as well as the subsequent re-broadcast.

They’re currently offering a pretty significant discount/sale on all their courses and continuous free re-broadcasts of some of their most popular courses (wedding photography, portraiture, outdoor shooting, image comp and processing, photography business etc).

So now might be a good time to try them out.

Disclaimer: All images (2 screenshots from the Creative Composition course at creativeLIVE), remain copyright of their original owners and are used here for purposes of illustration and review.

All opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not sponsored or funded in any way. My recommendations are based purely on the courses I’ve viewed, which I felt were great value.