Blast from the Past

Part deux. Graciously gifted by the magnificent velo.

Back in the day when suits were unstructured and hair was poker straight..

Krizia advertisement. Unstructured pin-striped suit.

Burda used to feature cat-walk shots and designer styles and inspiration from (then) current runway shows in an issue called Burda International.

Polka-dot pants, short top cropped jacket

-100 for wilful mis-alignment of polka-dots down the centre front.

Pattern sets included at least one designer pattern (sometimes more) and sizes covered the gamut (from 34 up instead of 36 or 38 as is the norm today).

Valentino Chanel Ungaro catwalk 1996Burda international was a fashion magazine which just happened to include sewing patterns. And it was awesome.

Back necklinesIt had features on stylistic trends like the back-necklines version above. I particularly like the Mariot Chanet folded drape version. Celine have revived something similar this season by incorporating twists into their garments.

Burda International 1996

Ah.. minimalism. That brown V-neck up top is one of my favourites in this issue. And check out the lump camouflaging ruching on the mint number next to it. Hunter green at bottom right looks like Vogue 2091.

The cream of the crop though, has to be the Lacroix jacket on the right followed shortly thereafter by the red suit and the minimalist blue wrap by Dior.LaCroix purple jacket Dior wrap dress suit couture

Yes, those were the good days.

Patterns were depicted by fashion illustrations in the summary and line diagrams in the instructions section.Pattern summaryThe jumpsuit and the mod suit are pretty cool (row 2 #s 6 and 2) but my favourites are in the designer section.

Designer bustier vest pattern ScherrerThe perfect bustier and probably the only ‘waistcoat’ I can bring myself to sew.. (skirt with awesome pockets unfortunately not included).

Burda International 1996

Simple little knit dress. Although I’d try it with equidistant inverted pleats first (rather than gathers) and sew it up with long sleeves in a merino jersey for winter.

Speaking of good times, Burdastyle seems to be undergoing a revival of sorts-first they featured a plus-size member in their featured pattern front page slide show thing (I don’t remember them ever having done this before) and then this happened:

Could this be the gay marriage issue? Marriage equality. Yay.

Could this be

The girl who loved sewing wedding dresses.. all the time.-the marriage equality issue?

One can only hope…Oh well I’ll find out when it gets here-in three months time. Big ups to the blog mysummertouch for the advance preview link.

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