Triangle Pillow Tutorial Reviewed

I’ve been wanting to make the fabulous pyramidal bean bag featured on Grosgrain (some time ago-I was busy writing a thesis ok?).  Originally known as the triangle pillow (that proletarian name was disowned post-haste), it seemed to me the perfect quick and easy project to whip up in a couple of hours.

Triangle pillow tutorial

Triangle pillow a.k.a., the fabulous pyramid bean bag

So I bought some upholstery weight suede in a nice avocado colour and some upholstery weight jacquard in a blue and yellow chevron from a shop on ebay.  I cut and marked out the avocado suede and clipped it  (with bulldog clips and clothes pins because regular pins leave noticeable holes in leather/suede) instead of pinning it. Here’s a look  at the two fabrics.

Avacado green upholstery weight suede

Blue and Yellow Chevron Jacquard

And here’s a picture of the final product. I actually made it a couple of months ago and it has had some heavy duty use since. That’s big dog and puppy having a test ride – big dog was rescued by my partner during Uni and puppy was gift to me from my little brother when I went away to college.

Triangle pillow aka The Fabulous Pyramidal Bean Bag

The Fabulous Pyramidal Bean Bag

The only modification I made was to insert a heavy-duty zipper up one seam (so I can empty the bean bag for washing or refill it when needs be) and hand stitch (and it looks it) a little zipper protecting tab onto the top.

Zipper and hand-stitched tab

Zipper and hand-stitched tab

The blue chevron bean bag turned out pretty massive (the basic requirement for this pattern is a piece of fabric twice as long as it is wide so I just used all whole 2.4 metres) and we haven’t the space for it yet so it’s sitting on top of the chest of drawers all folded up and pensive.

Conclusion: If you’ve been looking for a quick basic project then go for it-its a pretty awesome tutorial resulting in a pretty sweet (and affordable) piece of furniture.

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